What Is An Iaa Agreement

We can develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to recognize a permanent and strategic relationship between institutions. An agreement must be a long-term agreement and/or support a specific research study. The agreement generally describes a very broad understanding of the mutual understanding, objectives and plans shared by the parties. It can also list possible areas of joint activity, without creating financial commitments or freeing up funds. Note: Anyone covered by the ILO can only start working on the project after IRB approval and the agreement has been signed by all parties. This depends on the nature of the submission and demand (Cede/Rely) required for the study. To process a Nu IRB application as an IRB protocol, we must ensure that the site is included in the research and that the protocol accurately reflects the role of each site involved. The external site should also have a Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) before the agreement can be implemented. For studies that request the Nu IRB withdrawal review at an external IRB, we should review the protocol, approval document and all other relevant study documents. In addition, the scientific staff preparing the submission in the eERB should be trained in the submission requirements of an external IRB study. There are several types of common agreements that are used to organize the dependence of studies with cooperation.

Agreements are used not only when an IRB waives surveillance, but also when external collaborators participate in a study. The Decision Tree (Quick Guide) for Collaborations – Non-OHSU Researcher can determine what agreement may be needed depending on the type of cooperation. The department is also responsible for consulting and approving all types of division agreements. The most commonly used contract formats are: No. However, the exchange of data must be consistent with your IRB-approved Montclair State University study and all agreements on research topics on the use of their data. An example of a text for an institution with a Federal Insurance Statement (FWA) that relies on another institution`s IRB/IEC (institutions can use this example as a guide to the development of their own agreement).