Who Must Use The Mandatory Purchase Agreement Prescribed By The Louisiana Real Estate Commission

(17) The failure of a broker or associate seller to license his broker as soon as possible after receipt, or other funds or funds entrusted to him by a person relating to him as a representative of his licensed broker or in connection with a transaction related to the sale, leasing or management of real estate. A. Any licensed broker or seller linked to a franchised organization must inform the public that the real estate agent business is independent and operates in all advertising companies. No. 1466. Error and abandonment insurance; Mandatory for all A licensees. The team or members of the group are sponsored by the same real estate agent and, if applicable, all ownership licensing activities are conducted from the office or branch where their individual licence is held. A. It is the obligation for all licensees, certificate holders and filers to have all laws regulating the real estate industry in Louisiana, including, but not limited to those rules and regulations, and to the Louisiana Real Estate License Lw in accordance with Chapter 17, Title 37 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes. Has. Applicants for certification as a real estate school must provide proof of a $10,000 ($10,000) guarantee issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in Louisiana.

(28) “real estate transaction,” sale, offer for sale, offer to purchase, offer of potential buyers, recruitment of potential buyers, management of management, rental, rental, rental or offer offer to rent real estate or improvements, or a business or other entity whose assets include real estate or property rentals. C. Each branch is placed under the direct control of an individual licensed broker designated in writing as a subsidiary manager. A copy of the designation must be submitted to the Commission within five days of the date of the initial designation or any changes. There is nothing to prevent a sponsorship broker from acting as a branch manager for one or more branches. (g) is busy collecting a tax in advance or collecting a tax related to a contract in which it undertakes first to promote the sale, exchange, purchase, lease or leasing of real estate by initiating it in a publication published primarily for this purpose, or to refer information about these real estate to brokers. or both. D. Licensees have the option of obtaining independent error and absence insurance, provided that the insurance coverage contained in this directive complies with the minimum requirements set by the Commission. F. An active licensee who opts for independent error and abandonment insurance must submit a form that verifies that he or she has independent insurance coverage with annual licence renewal, as required by the Commission. C.

A real estate school may not provide anyone, with the exception of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, with the name (s) of a licensee or student, whether potentially registered or registered. A. All print ads for the sale or lease of residential real estate indicate the month and year of printing, publishing or distributing the listing. Advertisements printed or published in newspapers, real estate publications and trade magazines, and brochures with a release or publication date are considered in accordance with this section.