Withdrawal From This Agreement

3. By derogation from Article 13, paragraph 1 of this Protocol and Article 7 of the Withdrawal Agreement, with regard to the recognition of technical requirements in a Member State: Assessments, registrations, Certificates, authorisations and authorisations issued or issued by the authorities of another Member State or by an agency established in another Member State References made to Member States in EU law applicable in this Protocol should not be construed as including the United Kingdom with regard to technical rules, assessments, registrations, certificates, authorisations and authorisations issued by the UNITED Kingdom authorities or by bodies established in the United Kingdom. 3. For third-country nationals who meet the conditions of Regulation (EC) 859/2003: References made in this title to Regulation (EC) No. 883/2004 and Regulation (EC) No. 987/2009, and their family members or survivors in this title should be interpreted as references to Council Regulation (EEC) 1408/71 and Regulation (EEC) 574/72 (17) of the Council. References to the specific provisions of Regulation (EC) 883/2004 and Regulation (EC) 987/2009 are understood as made in the corresponding provisions of Regulation (EEC) No. 1408/71 and Regulation (EEC) No. 574/72. 2. When a person has applied for Community protection of plant varieties under EU law before the end of the transitional period, that person has an ad hoc priority right in the United Kingdom for applying for the same right of plant varieties in the United Kingdom for a period of six months from the end of the transitional period. The right of priority means that the priority date of the application for Community protection of plant varieties is considered to be the date of application of a plant breeding law in the United Kingdom to determine the distinction, novelty and law. 1.

Where Regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and (EC) No. 987/2009 are amended or replaced after the end of the transitional period, references to these regulations in this agreement, as amended or replaced, apply in accordance with the acts listed in Schedule I, Part II, of this agreement. Until 31 December 2020, the Uk is involved in the financing of the European Defence Agency, the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the European Union Satellite Centre, as well as the costs of the operations of the Common Security and Defence Policy. based on the provisions of Article 14, paragraph 9, point a), from the decision (EU) 2016/1353 (169), to Article 10, paragraph 3, of the 2014/75/PESC decision (1 70), Article 10, paragraph 3, of the Council`s 2014/401/PESC (171) decision and Article 41, paragraph 2, second paragraph, of the Treaty on the European Union and in accordance with Article 5 of that agreement.